Launching Your Presence: A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Google My Business (GMB)

So you’ve realized the value of Google My Business (GMB) for your small business. That’s a smart first step. But like many others, you may find yourself wondering, “How exactly do I get started?” The good news is, setting up a GMB profile is less complicated than you might think. In this in-depth guide, we’ll walk you through the setup process, step by step, and address some common questions along the way.

What Are the Preliminary Steps Before Creating a GMB Listing?

Diving head-first into setting up a Google My Business (GMB) listing might sound tempting, but hold on a moment. A little preparation can go a long way in ensuring a smooth setup and a more effective listing down the line. Here are some important preliminary steps to consider:

Do You Meet the Eligibility Criteria?

First things first, make sure your business qualifies for a GMB listing. Google stipulates that your business must have some form of in-person interaction with customers to be eligible. That means, if you’re operating purely online, you’ll need to set a service area where you meet customers face-to-face. For more clarity, consult Google’s official guidelines.

Create or Use an Existing Google Account

Before you can set up a GMB profile, you’ll need a Google account. If you already have one, make sure it’s one you’re comfortable linking to your business. If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to create one. Consider setting up a dedicated account for your business for better management and security.

Research Your Business Category

Knowing your business category before setting up your GMB can give you a head start. Google offers a wide range of categories, and selecting the most relevant one can significantly impact your local SEO. Spend some time looking at competitors or similar businesses to understand the best category for you.

Gather Essential Business Information

Compile all necessary details about your business. This includes your business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and a list of services or products you offer. Having all this information readily available will speed up the setup process.

Take Quality Photos

Prepare some high-quality photos of your business to upload to your GMB profile. This should include images of the exterior and interior of your business location, your products or services, and your team. Remember, these images will be visible to your potential customers, so they need to represent your business in the best possible way.

Check for Existing Listings

Before you go ahead and create a new listing, make sure that one doesn’t already exist for your business. Duplicate listings can confuse potential customers and negatively impact your local SEO. Use Google’s search to see if your business is already listed. If it is, you’ll need to claim it.

Plan Your Verification Method

Google will require you to verify your business listing to ensure accuracy. The most common method is through a postcard sent to your business address, but email and phone verification are also sometimes available. Knowing your preferred method beforehand can streamline the process.

By paying attention to these preliminary steps, you’re setting a solid foundation for your Google My Business listing, ensuring not just a smoother setup process but also a more effective, optimized listing that can truly support your business growth.

How Do I Create a New Google My Business Profile?

Creating a new Google My Business profile might seem daunting, especially if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. However, Google has done a great job of making the process as straightforward as possible. In this section, we will provide a more detailed step-by-step guide for creating your profile, designed to alleviate any uncertainties you might have.

Step 1: Navigate to the Google My Business Home Page

To start, you’ll need to go to the Google My Business home page. Click on the “Manage now” or “Sign in” button. If you aren’t already signed into your Google account, you’ll be prompted to do so.

Step 2: Search for Your Business

After signing in, the system will prompt you to search for your business by name. It’s important to note that if your business already exists on Google Maps, you should see it listed in a dropdown menu. If your business isn’t listed, you’ll have the option to add it.

Step 3: Add Your Business Details

If your business is not yet on Google My Business, a form will appear asking you to provide pertinent details. This will include:

  • Business Name: Make sure to use your exact business name as it appears in real life for consistency.
  • Category: Pick the most relevant category for your business. This affects which local searches your business will appear in.
  • Address: Provide a physical address if applicable. If you don’t have a physical location, you’ll need to specify service areas where you operate.
  • Phone Number and Website: Add a contact number and your official business website. For businesses without a website, Google offers a simple website builder based on the information you provide.

Step 4: Choose a Verification Option

Once all the basic details are filled in, you’ll need to verify your business to prove its legitimacy. You’ll often have multiple methods for doing this, such as receiving a verification code via postcard, phone, or email. Choose a method that’s most convenient and reliable for you. Note that the verification process can take anywhere from a few minutes (phone, email) to a few days (postcard).

Step 5: Complete Your Profile

After verifying your profile, you’ll gain full control over your GMB listing. Now you can further optimize it by:

  • Adding Business Hours: Specify the days and hours your business is open to assist potential customers in planning their visits.
  • Uploading Photos: Images help to visually represent your business. Make sure they are high-quality and relevant.
  • Adding Services or Products: List down the services or products you offer, along with pricing if possible.

Step 6: Review and Publish

Before you publish, review all the details for accuracy. An error in your listing can mislead potential customers and harm your reputation.

Step 7: Engage with Your Audience

Congratulations! Your profile is now live. It’s crucial to keep it updated and engage with your audience through reviews and posts.

Setting up your Google My Business profile involves more than just filling in a form. It’s about laying the foundation for your local SEO efforts and establishing an official online presence for your business. By being thorough and attentive in this setup process, you’ll be well on your way to making the most out of this powerful tool.

How Do You Verify Your GMB Listing?

Verifying your Google My Business (GMB) listing is a crucial step that lends credibility and authenticity to your profile. Until you complete this verification, you won’t be able to make any further edits or respond to reviews. Here’s a deep dive into the various methods you can use to verify your GMB listing, along with some handy tips.

Method 1: Postcard Verification

The most common verification method is via postcard. Google will send a postcard containing a unique verification code to the business address you provided. Here’s how it works:

  1. Request the Postcard: From your GMB dashboard, click on “Verify now” and choose the postcard option. Make sure your address details are accurate before confirming.
  2. Wait for Arrival: The postcard typically arrives within 5-14 days. During this time, refrain from making any changes to your business information as it could delay the process.
  3. Enter the Code: Once the postcard arrives, log back into your GMB account, and enter the verification code.

Method 2: Phone Verification

Some businesses may qualify for phone verification. If you see the “Verify by phone” option, you can use it for quicker results.

  1. Choose Phone Verification: On your GMB dashboard, click “Verify now” and then select “Verify by phone.”
  2. Receive the Code: A text message with the verification code will be sent to the phone number associated with your listing.
  3. Enter the Code: Log back into your GMB dashboard and enter the code.

Method 3: Email Verification

Like phone verification, email verification is a faster alternative to postcard verification but is available to fewer businesses.

  1. Select Email Verification: From your GMB dashboard, click “Verify now” and choose “Verify by email.”
  2. Check Your Email: Open the verification email from Google and note down the code.
  3. Enter the Code: Return to your GMB dashboard and enter the code to complete the verification.

Method 4: Instant Verification

If you’ve already verified your business’s website with Google Search Console, you might be eligible for instant verification.

  1. Log In: Make sure you’re logged into the Google account that is associated with the verified Google Search Console profile.
  2. Choose Instant Verification: On the GMB dashboard, click “Verify now,” and if you’re eligible, you’ll see an option for instant verification.

Method 5: Bulk Verification

For businesses with 10 or more locations, Google offers a bulk verification option.

  1. Apply: Navigate to the GMB dashboard, select one of your locations and click on “Get verified” next to its name.
  2. Fill Out the Application: You’ll be directed to a verification form. Fill it out, and Google will review your request.

Quick Tips:

  • Avoid Edits: During the verification process, especially when waiting for a postcard, avoid making changes to your business details as it could reset the verification process.
  • Double-Check Information: Before requesting verification, double-check that all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter issues, don’t hesitate to contact Google Support.

Verifying your Google My Business listing might seem like a mere formality, but it’s an essential step in establishing your business’s online authority. Each verification method has its own set of steps and best practices, so choose the one that best suits your needs and resources.

What Are the Best Practices for Filling Out My GMB Profile?

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile serves as a crucial touchpoint between your small business and potential customers. It’s more than a listing; it’s a dynamic digital storefront that gives people a quick snapshot of who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you. Therefore, you’ll want to optimize every part of it for maximum impact. Below are best practices for filling out your GMB profile comprehensively.

1. Use Your Legal Business Name

When setting up your profile, make sure you use your business’s legal name to avoid any confusion and ensure you’re easily recognizable to your customers.

2. Pick the Right Category and Sub-Category

The category you choose can heavily influence the kind of searches your business appears in. Be as specific as possible to align closely with what your business does. If multiple categories apply to your business, you can also add sub-categories.

3. Use High-Quality Photos

Visuals speak volumes. Add clear and high-quality photos of your business, including the storefront, interior, team members, and products or services. Images should be well-lit and free from any filters that alter the colors or appearance of the business.

4. Write a Detailed Business Description

Utilize all 750 characters in the description section to provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of your business, your history, and your offerings. Use relevant keywords naturally within this text.

5. Fill in Your Business Hours Accurately

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often businesses get this wrong. Keep your business hours up-to-date, and remember to adjust them for holidays and special events.

6. Add a Local Phone Number

Using a local area code for your contact number can help you rank better in local searches. Make sure the number you use is also displayed on your official website.

7. Don’t Neglect the ‘Amenities’

If applicable, fill out the Amenities section. This could include things like free Wi-Fi, wheelchair accessibility, or parking facilities, and can be a decisive factor for potential customers.

8. Use Google My Business Posts

Regularly update the Posts section with news, promotions, or events. These posts show up in your GMB profile and offer an excellent way to engage with your audience directly from the search results.

9. Encourage and Respond to Reviews

Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews, and make it a practice to respond to reviews, both positive and negative. This not only builds trust but also increases engagement, which Google appreciates.

10. Add Service Areas

If you offer services in different locations, specify these areas in your listing. This can help you appear in local searches for those areas, even if your physical address is somewhere else.

11. Include Additional Media

If possible, add videos or virtual tours to give people a better sense of what to expect from your business.

12. Verify and Regularly Update Your Listing

Verification grants you the ability to edit your listing freely, respond to reviews, and access analytics. Once verified, keep your profile updated with any changes like new business hours, services, or products.

Bonus: Monitor Your Profile Regularly

An optimized profile is not a ‘set it and forget it’ tool. Regularly monitor it to respond to reviews, update information, and add fresh content to keep the profile engaging.

By following these best practices for filling out your GMB profile, you’re not just adding data into fields; you’re crafting a compelling story about your business that can turn interested searchers into paying customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Setting Up Google My Business (GMB)

Can I Set Up Multiple GMB Listings for the Same Business Location?

No, Google does not allow multiple listings for the same business location. However, if your business has different departments or practitioners that operate independently, you may be eligible for multiple listings.

What Should I Do if My Business Doesn’t Have a Physical Location?

For businesses that operate remotely or through delivery, you can list your service area instead of a physical location. During the setup, you can specify this and make sure your business doesn’t appear with an address.

How Do I Handle Seasonal Business Hours?

Google My Business allows you to set “Special Hours” for specific dates like holidays or events. Utilize this feature to ensure your customers always have accurate information.

Can I Still Use GMB if My Business is Part of a Franchise?

Yes, each franchise location can have its own GMB listing. This is crucial for local SEO and will help your specific location show up in local searches.

What if My Business Category Isn’t Listed?

While GMB offers an extensive list of categories, it’s not exhaustive. Choose a category that’s as closely related to your business as possible. You can also add a detailed business description to clarify what your business specializes in.

Do I Have to Complete Every Section During Setup?

While it’s not mandatory to complete every section initially, it is highly recommended. A complete profile is more attractive to potential customers and is favored by Google’s ranking algorithm.

Is There a Verification Grace Period?

After receiving your verification code (typically via postcard), you generally have 30 days to complete the verification. If you miss this deadline, you’ll have to request a new code.

Can I Change My Business Name After Verification?

Yes, you can, but changing significant details like the business name or location might require you to re-verify the listing.

How Can I Add Multiple Service Areas?

You can add multiple service areas during the setup process or edit them later. This is especially useful for businesses like delivery services, contractors, or consultants who serve multiple locations.

What if I Made a Mistake During the Setup?

Don’t worry! You can edit most of the information after the initial setup. However, significant changes may require you to undergo the verification process again.

By understanding the answers to these frequently asked questions, you’ll be better equipped to set up your Google My Business profile in a way that benefits both your business and your customers. For more information, consult Google’s official GMB support.


Stay tuned as we transition to the next exciting section: 3. Listing Optimization: Enhancing GMB Profile for Maximum Reach.

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