Crafting Click-Worthy Ad Copies: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

You’ve set up your Google Ads account, selected your keywords, and structured your campaigns—so what’s next? Crafting the ad copies that will represent your brand and convince users to click. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of creating click-worthy ad copies that not only draw attention but also lead to conversions. Stick with us, and you’ll become an expert in Google Ads copywriting in no time!

What are the Components of a Good Ad Copy?

In Google Ads, a successful ad copy comprises several essential components that serve unique purposes. Understanding each of these elements is key to crafting compelling and effective ads. So, what goes into a good Google Ads copy?


The headline is the most noticeable part of your ad. Usually, it’s the first thing people see, so you need to make it impactful. Google Ads allows up to three headlines, separated by vertical pipes or dashes, and it’s generally best practice to use all available spaces. Each headline has a limit of 30 characters. Your primary keyword should be part of the headline to ensure the ad is relevant to the searcher’s query.

  • Florist: “Fresh Flowers Delivered in Hours”
  • Local Café: “Organic Coffee | Open Late | Free Wi-Fi”
  • Plumbing Service: “24/7 Emergency Plumbing Help”
  • Gym: “Get Fit Fast With Our 30-Day Challenge”
  • Jewelry Store: “Elegant Jewelry, Fair Prices”
  • Law Firm: “Expert Legal Advice for Local Businesses”
  • Digital Marketing Agency: “Skyrocket Your Sales with Proven Strategies”
  • Photography Studio: “Capturing Moments You’ll Treasure Forever”
  • Car Repair Shop: “Quality Auto Repairs Within Your Budget”
  • Fitness Gym: “Transform Your Body in 30 Days”
  • Web Development Company: “Elevate Your Online Presence”
  • Pet Care Services: “Your Pet’s Second Home”
  • Freelance Photographer: “Capture Your Special Moments Forever”
  • Cleaning Services: “Get a Sparkling Home, Stress-Free”
  • Coffee Shop: “Kick-Start Your Day with Our Gourmet Coffee”

Display URL

The display URL shows the web address where the user will land after clicking the ad. It’s more than just a destination; it’s another element of your ad where you can insert keywords. Google Ads offers two “Path” fields where you can add text to make the URL more descriptive and relevant to your product or service.

  • Yoga Studio:
  • Car Repair Shop:
  • Boutique Hotel:
  • Dance Studio:
  • Vet Clinic:
  • Local Restaurant:
  • Coffee Shop:
  • Real Estate Agent:
  • Bookstore:
  • Online Shoe Store:
  • Law Firm:
  • Travel Agency:
  • Bakery:
  • Florist:
  • Home Decor:

Description Lines

Google Ads provides two lines for your description, with each line accommodating up to 90 characters. This is your space to elaborate on your offer, solve the user’s query, or present a unique selling proposition. Use strong calls-to-action like “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” or “Get a Free Quote” to encourage clicks.

  • Pet Store: “Get 20% off your first purchase. Wide selection of organic pet foods.”
  • Accounting Firm: “Affordable, Trusted, and Local. Get Your Free Consultation Today!”
  • Book Store: “Find the Latest Bestsellers. Free Shipping on Orders Above $20.”
  • Music School: “Learn Guitar in 30 Days. Flexible Schedules.”
  • Spa: “Revitalize Your Senses with Our Signature Treatments. Book Now!”
  • Local Brewery: “Craft Beers Brewed Locally. Happy Hour 5-7 PM.”
  • Cleaning Service: “Affordable, Professional, and Eco-Friendly Cleaning.”
  • Yoga Studio: “Center Your Mind and Body with Our Expert Instructors.”
  • Plumbing Services: “Fast, Reliable Plumbing Services When You Need It Most.”
  • Spa: “Indulge in Self-Care with Our Luxury Treatments.”
  • Online Courses: “Master New Skills with Accredited Instructors.”
  • Garden Store: “Nourish Your Garden with Our Quality Products.”
  • Real Estate Agent: “Find Your Dream Home in the Best Neighborhoods.”
  • Cosmetics Store: “Discover Your Perfect Look with Our Range of Beauty Products.”
  • Antique Store: “Own a Piece of History with Our Timeless Collections.”

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions provide additional information and add more content to your ads. They come in various types like sitelink extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippet extensions, among others. Each serves a different purpose, from directing users to specific pages on your site to offering extra information like business hours or ratings.

  • Home Cleaning Service: Sitelink extensions could lead to pages for “Testimonials”, “Pricing”, or “Eco-friendly Cleaning Options”.
  • Dental Clinic: Use callout extensions like “Open Saturdays”, “Family Packages”, “Emergency Services”.
  • Farmers Market: Structured snippet extensions listing “Seasonal Produce”, “Homemade Jams”, “Organic Dairy”.
  • Fitness Coach: Sitelink extensions for “Client Testimonials,” “Workout Plans,” and “Nutrition Tips.”
  • Handyman Service: Callout extensions like “Same-Day Service,” “Fully Licensed,” and “Free Estimates.”
  • Local Museum: Structured snippet extensions for “Upcoming Exhibitions,” “Visitor Information,” “Membership Benefits.”
  • Event Planning: Sitelink extensions for “Weddings,” “Corporate Events,” and “Venue Partners.”
  • Furniture Store: Callout extensions like “Free Delivery,” “Easy Returns,” and “Special Discounts.”
  • Dental Clinic: Structured snippet extensions for “Services,” “Patient Testimonials,” “Free Consultation.”
  • Pest Control Service: Sitelink extensions for “Residential,” “Commercial,” and “Testimonials.”
  • Software Company: Callout extensions like “30-Day Free Trial,” “24/7 Support,” and “User-Friendly.”
  • Restaurant: Structured snippet extensions for “Menu,” “Specials,” “Customer Reviews.”
  • Dental Clinic: Sitelink extensions for “Services,” “About Us,” and “Contact Us.”
  • Salon: Callout extensions like “Organic Products,” “Expert Stylists,” and “Free Consultation.”
  • Book Store: Structured snippet extensions for “Genres,” “Best Sellers,” “New Arrivals.”

Final URL

While not displayed in the ad copy, the final URL is the actual page where you’ll send the user after they click on your ad. It should be highly relevant to the ad content and the search query.

  • Hair Salon: A final URL that leads to a landing page about a discount on first-time haircuts.
  • Real Estate Agent: A URL that leads to current listings in a particular neighborhood.
  • Wedding Planner: A URL that leads to a gallery of successfully planned weddings.
  • Flower Shop: A URL that leads to a seasonal promotion for spring flowers.
  • Graphic Design Agency: A URL that leads to a portfolio showcasing various styles.
  • Travel Agency: A URL that leads to a page on special group travel deals.
  • Beauty Salon: A URL that leads to a ‘Services and Pricing’ page.
  • Pet Store: A URL that leads to a special page for a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” offer.
  • Cooking Classes: A URL that leads to the upcoming schedule and course descriptions.
  • Jewelry Store: A URL that leads to a ‘Limited-Edition Pieces’ page.
  • Tutoring Service: A URL that leads to a ‘Testimonials and Success Stories’ page.
  • Auto Dealership: A URL that leads to the current ‘Special Offers’ page.
  • Art Studio: A URL that leads to the ‘Upcoming Classes and Workshops’ page.
  • Grocery Store: A URL that leads to a ‘Weekly Specials’ page.
  • Electronics Store: A URL that leads to ‘New Arrivals’ or ‘Best Sellers’ page.


With increasing concerns about online trust and safety, verified or trust badge extensions can also add value to your ad copy, although these are not standard Google Ads features and need to be set up separately.

  • Tutoring Service: A trust badge showing you have qualified and background-checked tutors.
  • Catering Service: Reviews or ratings extension showing customer satisfaction.
  • Language School: A trust badge for accreditation by a national language association.
  • Web Development: Reviews or rating extension, such as “Rated 4.9 on Google.”
  • Tech Support: BBB Accreditation badge for trustworthiness.
  • Health Clinic: Healthgrades rating, such as “Rated 4.8 on Healthgrades.”
  • Financial Advisor: Certified Financial Planner™ logo.
  • Contractor Services: HomeAdvisor Top Rated badge.
  • Online Clothing Store: “Trusted by Over 10,000 Happy Customers.”
  • Consultancy Services: ISO Certification badge.
  • Health and Wellness Center: Yoga Alliance Certified badge.
  • Handicraft Store: “Handmade by Local Artisans.”
  • Event Planning Services: Featured in a well-known event planning magazine or website.

Additional Tips

  • Use “Limited Time Offer” or “Free Consultation” to create a sense of urgency.
  • Use rhetorical questions like “Looking for Affordable Web Hosting?” to engage the reader.
  • Use icons or special characters (sparingly and where permitted) to draw attention.

How Do You Write a Compelling Headline?

The headline is the first thing users see. Therefore, it needs to be compelling enough to catch their attention. Use your primary keyword in the headline and make sure it aligns with the landing page and the search query.

Understanding User Needs and Pain Points

Before you even start drafting your headline, understand what your target audience is looking for or what problem they’re trying to solve. Are they looking for affordable solutions, expert advice, or premium services? Tailor your headline to address those specific needs.

  • Dentist Office
    • User Pain Point: Fear of painful dental procedures
      • Ad Copy: “Painless Dentistry for Nervous Patients”
  • Online Clothing Store
    • User Need: Stylish, trendy clothes
      • Ad Copy: “Stay Chic with Our Summer Collection”
  • Tech Support Service
    • User Pain Point: Slow or freezing computers
      • Ad Copy: “Fix Your Slow PC in Minutes”
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
    • User Need: Safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions
      • Ad Copy: “Clean Safe, Live Green”
  • Personal Finance App
    • User Pain Point: Managing multiple accounts and expenses
      • Ad Copy: “All Your Finances, One App”
  • Car Dealership
    • User Need: A reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle
      • Ad Copy: “Drive Further for Less”
  • Pet Grooming Services
    • User Pain Point: Managing pet hair and odor
      • Ad Copy: “Say Goodbye to Pet Hair Woes”
  • Bakery
    • User Need: Delicious, fresh-baked goods
      • Ad Copy: “Freshly Baked Joy, Daily”
  • Home Security Company
    • User Pain Point: Concerns about home break-ins
      • Ad Copy: “Secure Your Peace of Mind”
  • Travel Agency
    • User Need: Affordable vacation packages
      • Ad Copy: “Dream Vacations, Real Savings”
  • Meal Delivery Service
    • User Pain Point: No time to cook healthy meals
      • Ad Copy: “Healthy Meals, Zero Hassle”
  • Fitness Center
    • User Need: Weight loss and fitness goals
      • Ad Copy: “Your Fitness Journey Starts Here”

Each of these examples identifies a clear need or pain point that the target customer is likely experiencing and addresses it head-on in the ad copy. This approach not only captures attention but also increases the likelihood that the viewer will take action, as it speaks directly to their own situation.

Use Power Words

Incorporate power words to evoke emotion or a sense of urgency. Words like “Unlock,” “Discover,” “Instant,” or “Limited Time Offer” can create a stronger impact.

  • Retail Clothing Store
    • Without Power Word: “Stylish Clothes on Sale”
    • With Power Word: “Unlock Jaw-Dropping Styles Today!”
  • Local Bakery
    • Without Power Word: “Freshly Baked Goods Here”
    • With Power Word: “Indulge in Irresistible Fresh Pastries!”
  • Pet Care Services
    • Without Power Word: “Quality Care for Your Pet”
    • With Power Word: “Experience Unbeatable Pet Care Now!”
  • Yoga Studio
    • Without Power Word: “Start Your Yoga Classes”
    • With Power Word: “Transform Your Life with Our Yoga Classes!”
  • E-commerce Electronics
    • Without Power Word: “Great Deals on Smartphones”
    • With Power Word: “Snag Epic Deals on Latest Smartphones!”
  • Travel Agency
    • Without Power Word: “Book Your Dream Vacation”
    • With Power Word: “Unlock Your Dream Getaway Today!”
  • Online Courses
    • Without Power Word: “Learn Digital Marketing”
    • With Power Word: “Master Digital Marketing Instantly!”
  • Fitness Center
    • Without Power Word: “Join for a Healthier You”
    • With Power Word: “Achieve Your Dream Physique Now!”
  • Automotive Services
    • Without Power Word: “Reliable Car Repair”
    • With Power Word: “Get Fast, Trustworthy Car Repair!”
  • Wedding Planning Service
    • Without Power Word: “Plan Your Wedding Easily”
    • With Power Word: “Craft Your Perfect Wedding Effortlessly!”

Keep it Clear and Concise

Due to character limitations in Google Ads, your headline needs to be concise while still conveying your message effectively. Avoid jargon and go straight to the point.

  • Plumbing Services
    • Long and Confusing: “Affordable and Reliable Home and Commercial Plumbing Services for Clogs, Leaks, and Installations”
    • Clear and Concise: “Fast, Affordable Plumbing”
  • Real Estate Agency
    • Long and Confusing: “Find Your Perfect Family Home with Outstanding Amenities in a Great Neighborhood”
    • Clear and Concise: “Find Your Dream Home Today”
  • Organic Grocery Store
    • Long and Confusing: “Shop Now for Locally-Sourced, 100% Certified Organic Produce and Natural Foods”
    • Clear and Concise: “Organic Food, Simply Local”
  • Web Design Studio
    • Long and Confusing: “Top-Quality Website Designs, SEO Services, and Digital Marketing for Your Business Growth”
    • Clear and Concise: “Websites That Work”
  • Lawn Care Services
    • Long and Confusing: “High-Quality Lawn Mowing, Fertilization, and Comprehensive Lawn Care Services”
    • Clear and Concise: “Your Lawn, Our Care”
  • Gourmet Coffee Shop
    • Long and Confusing: “Enjoy Exquisitely Brewed Coffee Sourced from the Best Coffee Beans Around the World”
    • Clear and Concise: “World’s Best Coffee Awaits”
  • Home Cleaning Services
    • Long and Confusing: “Professional and Highly-Trained Maids for Residential Cleaning, Including Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Living Areas”
    • Clear and Concise: “Spotless Homes, Happy Lives”
  • Hair Salon
    • Long and Confusing: “Get the Latest Hairstyles, Coloring, Extensions, and More by Expert Stylists”
    • Clear and Concise: “Look Fab, Feel Great!”
  • Tutoring Service
    • Long and Confusing: “Experienced Tutors in Math, Science, and Literature for Grades K-12, Guaranteed to Improve Grades”
    • Clear and Concise: “Better Grades, One Tutor Away”
  • SaaS Product
    • Long and Confusing: “All-in-One Software Solution for Managing Customer Relationships, Sales Funnels, and Marketing Campaigns”
    • Clear and Concise: “One Software, Endless Solutions”

The clear and concise versions cut through the clutter and deliver the essential message with minimal fuss. The aim is to make the viewer immediately understand what’s on offer and why it might be right for them. A well-crafted, straightforward headline can serve as a potent call to action in itself.

Include Numbers or Statistics

Numbers in headlines capture attention because they provide specific, quantifiable information. You could highlight discounts, time frames, or other metrics.

  • Local Restaurant
    • Statistic: “Rated 4.9 Stars on Google”
    • Ad Copy: “Come Taste Why We’re 4.9-Star Rated!”
  • E-commerce Electronics Store
    • Number: “Over 10,000 Units Sold”
    • Ad Copy: “Join 10,000+ Happy Customers”
  • Real Estate Agency
    • Statistic: “99% Customer Satisfaction Rate”
    • Ad Copy: “99% of Our Clients Recommend Us”
  • Organic Grocery Store
    • Number: “Over 100 Organic Items”
    • Ad Copy: “Choose From 100+ Organic Products”
  • Plumbing Services
    • Number: “Servicing 5,000 Homes”
    • Ad Copy: “Trusted by 5,000 Local Homes”
  • Gym and Fitness Center
    • Statistic: “Lose Up to 20 Pounds in 30 Days”
    • Ad Copy: “Shed 20 Pounds in Just a Month!”
  • Language Learning App
    • Number: “Learn a New Language in Just 5 Minutes a Day”
    • Ad Copy: “Speak Fluent Spanish in 5 Mins/Day”
  • Wedding Planner
    • Statistic: “Over 200 Weddings Successfully Organized”
    • Ad Copy: “200+ Happy Couples Can’t Be Wrong”
  • Car Repair Service
    • Number: “Fix Your Car in Less Than 1 Hour”
    • Ad Copy: “60-Minute Fixes Guaranteed”
  • Tutoring Service
    • Statistic: “90% of Our Students Improve Grades”
    • Ad Copy: “Raise Your Grades by 90%”
  • Solar Panel Installation
    • Number: “Cut Energy Bills by Up to 70%”
    • Ad Copy: “Save 70% on Your Electric Bill”
  • Craft Beer Brewery
    • Statistic: “20 Award-Winning Beers”
    • Ad Copy: “Try Our 20 Award-Winning Brews”

Including specific numbers or statistics in your ad copy adds an element of proof and persuades the consumer to take action. It provides a tangible measure of what they can expect, thus reducing the perceived risk associated with your product or service.

Use Action Verbs

Using action verbs can invigorate your ad copy, urging the reader to take immediate action. Here’s how various types of small businesses can employ action verbs to make their advertisements more compelling:

  • Local Restaurant
    • Action Verb: “Savor”
    • Ad Copy: “Savor Our New Spicy Tacos!”
  • E-commerce Electronics Store
    • Action Verb: “Discover”
    • Ad Copy: “Discover the Future of Smart Homes!”
  • Real Estate Agency
    • Action Verb: “Experience”
    • Ad Copy: “Experience Luxurious Living Today!”
  • Organic Grocery Store
    • Action Verb: “Enjoy”
    • Ad Copy: “Enjoy Fresh Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door!”
  • Plumbing Services
    • Action Verb: “Fix”
    • Ad Copy: “Fix Your Leaks in No Time!”
  • Gym and Fitness Center
    • Action Verb: “Transform”
    • Ad Copy: “Transform Your Body in 30 Days!”
  • Language Learning App
    • Action Verb: “Master”
    • Ad Copy: “Master French with Daily Lessons!”
  • Wedding Planner
    • Action Verb: “Create”
    • Ad Copy: “Create Your Dream Wedding With Us!”
  • Car Repair Service
    • Action Verb: “Revitalize”
    • Ad Copy: “Revitalize Your Car’s Performance!”
  • Tutoring Service
    • Action Verb: “Achieve”
    • Ad Copy: “Achieve Academic Excellence With Us!”
  • Solar Panel Installation
    • Action Verb: “Reduce”
    • Ad Copy: “Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today!”
  • Craft Beer Brewery
    • Action Verb: “Taste”
    • Ad Copy: “Taste Our Seasonal Winter Ale!”

By incorporating action verbs into your ad copy, you can provoke a sense of urgency and excitement, motivating potential customers to take immediate action. Whether it’s to “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” or “Get Started,” action verbs are a surefire way to energize your advertisement.

Test and Optimize

Testing and optimization should be the cornerstone of your ad copy strategy. You can’t know what’s effective without trying different approaches and measuring the results. Here’s how to approach this, with small business examples for each tip:

A/B Testing

Conduct A/B tests to see which version of an ad gets more clicks or conversions. For instance, a local café might A/B test two different headlines: “Delicious Fresh-Baked Goods” vs. “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.”

Monitor Performance Metrics

Look at click-through rates (CTR), cost per conversion, and other relevant metrics to assess performance. For example, a clothing boutique could examine the metrics to find out which ad copy leads to more online sales.

Refine Your Targeting

After testing, you might find that your ad performs better for a specific demographic. An organic grocery store may find that their ad for organic baby food performs best among parents aged 25-35.

Update According to Trends and Seasonality

Different times of the year or current trends can offer new optimization opportunities. A garden center might run a special ad copy around the start of spring, urging people to “Revitalize Your Garden.”

Utilize Ad Extensions

Using ad extensions can provide more information and increase the size of your ad, making it more noticeable. For instance, a local gym might use sitelink extensions to highlight special classes or trainers.

Evaluate and Re-test

Continuously evaluate the performance of your ad copies and don’t be afraid to re-test them. For example, a car repair service could test whether ads emphasizing speed or quality get better results and then re-test the winning ad with a different call-to-action.

Apply Machine Learning Tools

Some advanced Google Ads tools use machine learning to automatically optimize your ads. Small accounting firms could use this feature to test multiple headline and description combinations.

Experiment with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

This feature automatically updates your ad text to include one of your keywords that matches a customer’s search terms. A pet supply store, for example, could have the ad title dynamically update to match what the person searched for, like “Buy [Dog/Cat] Food Online.”

FAQs on Writing Compelling Headlines

Why is the headline so important in Google Ads?

The headline is often the first thing people see when your ad appears in search results or on a webpage. It serves as your first and sometimes only chance to grab the user’s attention. A compelling headline can significantly improve your click-through rates.

What is the ideal length for a Google Ads headline?

Google Ads headlines are limited to 30 characters. It’s crucial to be concise while making the headline as engaging and relevant as possible.

Can I use all caps in my headline?

Google’s ad policies discourage the use of excessive capitalization. You might be able to get away with capitalizing one or two words for emphasis, but excessive capitalization can get your ad disapproved.
Read Google’s Editorial Guidelines

Should I include keywords in the headline?

Yes, including keywords in the headline can make your ad more relevant to the searcher’s query. This can also highlight your ad when the user’s query matches the keyword in your headline.

Is it advisable to use numbers and special characters in headlines?

Numbers and special characters can stand out, making your ad more eye-catching. For example, “Save 50% Today!” could be more effective than “Huge Savings Today.” However, Google Ads does have policies on what kinds of characters can be used.
Check out Google’s Character Limit Guidelines

How often should I update my ad headlines?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but regularly updating your headlines can keep your ads fresh and relevant. Use A/B testing to continuously optimize your headlines for better performance.

What are some power words I can use in my headline?

Power words like “Discover,” “Unlock,” “Boost,” “Transform,” and “Revolutionize” can invoke emotion and prompt clicks. Be careful not to overdo it though; your headline should still feel natural and relevant to your offer.

How can I make my headline stand out from competitors?

Research your competitors’ ads to see what they’re doing. You can differentiate yourself by highlighting what makes your product or service unique. Special promotions, unique selling propositions, or even a sense of urgency (“Limited Time Offer!”) can make your ad stand out.

Can I test multiple headlines simultaneously?

Yes, Google Ads allows you to run multiple variations of an ad at the same time. You can use this feature to A/B test different headlines to find out which one performs the best.
Learn more about A/B Testing in Google Ads

What are some common mistakes to avoid?

Common mistakes include being too vague, failing to include a call-to-action, using complicated jargon, or failing to align the headline with the landing page content.

By understanding the intricacies of crafting compelling headlines, you can significantly improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Don’t hesitate to test different strategies to find what resonates most with your audience.


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Next Up: Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversions

We hope you found this section on crafting click-worthy ad copies useful. Up next, we’ll dive into how to optimize your landing pages for conversions. Stay tuned and don’t forget to read the rest of the guide!

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